At Christopher Ellyn Homes , we’ve helped a lot of homeowners in Indianapolis sell their homes easily, fast, and for a fair cash price.

But unsurprisingly…

We also get a lot of questions that seem to be fueled by common myths and misconceptions about selling a property to professional homebuyers.

So we thought we’d take a moment to address some of those…

Myth 1: Professional Home Buyers Will Always Low-Ball You — Not true. Our goal is always to make you a fair cash offer based on diligent market research and a thorough analysis of the property.

Myth 2: You Can’t Negotiate With Professional Home Buyers — Also not true. We often have homebuyers negotiate with us and we are very open to that. We are even happy to explain why our offer is what it is.

Myth 3: There Are Hidden Fees — Nope! We pay all closing costs and we buy properties as-is. There are no hidden fees or expenses.

Myth 4: It Takes a Long Time — This is not true. You can pick the closing date to be as soon as two weeks. We’ll make it happen!

Hope that helps assuage some of the misconceptions out there about professional homebuyers.

And if you need to sell a property fast for a fair cash price, give us a call at (317) 526-5715. We’re here to help!

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