Does your Indianapolis house need some repairs?

Well, as you probably guessed, repairing a home is either a good amount of work — if you do it yourself — or a good amount of money.

But just how much?

Well, at Christopher Ellyn Homes , we’ve worked in real estate in Indianapolis for quite some time… and we’ve learned a thing or two about home repair.

So, here’s an overview of the most common home repairs with our DIY score (1 is crazy difficult, 10 is super easy) and average cost if you’re going to hire a contractor.

Foundation Repair — Average Cost: $10,000, DIY Score: 2

Electrical Issues — Average Cost: $1,000, DIY Score: 1

Water Heater — Average Cost: $800, DIY Score: 4

Water Damage — Average Cost: $2,000, DIY Score: 4

Septic System — Average Cost: $2,000, DIY Score: 2

HVAC — Average Cost: $5,000, DIY Score: 5

Mold — Average Cost: $2,000, DIY Score: 7

Termites — Average Cost: $3,000, DIY Score: 1

Hope that helps give you an idea of what to expect.

And if you prefer to sell your home as-is for a fair cash price, give us a call at (317) 526-5715. We can make you an offer within 48 hours and close in as little as two weeks. We’ll pay all closing costs!

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