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“We avoided losing our property to back taxes.”

“This property was trashed by tenants and we lived too far away to check on it. County put a tax lien on it so we knew we had to do something. We got a letter and called. You guys handled the quiet title action, paid cash, and worked with us to get this completed.”


Donald & Peggy K.

“I was given a fresh start. That’s the best way to put it.”

“Life circumstances left me with a property I couldn’t afford any longer. The electricity being off led to mold in the basement. I had decided to let the home go to back taxes till you guys came along. You guys really bailed me out of a hole by paying off my judgments, the taxes, and giving me money for a fresh start”


April Z.

“Easiest way I’ve sold a property!”

pepperidge“Our sister passed away and left us her house. We tried to sell the home for 6 months. We even tried to sell the property at auction with zero luck. We didn’t want to mess with listing, commissions, and inspections. You guys closed and paid cash in just 4 days. Thank you for the great price.”



Linda P.

“We walked away with over $115,000.”

“Our Dad started building this home in the ’70s. He passed away and it sat for 20 years. It was heartbreaking and we couldn’t afford to finish it. You guys completely remodeled it and did a great job. Thanks for cashing us out!”

Rob F.

“Bailed out from the bank in 7 days!


“We had a balloon payment due on our home of 25 years and couldn’t come up with the kind of money the bank wanted in 30 days. Instead of losing all of our equity and being foreclosed on Christopher Ellyn Homes paid cash. We paid the bank off and got to walk away with money for a fresh start. Thanks, guys!”

Sara R.

“Y’all did in a week what a realtor couldn’t do in a year!”

“We tried selling our Muncie triplex for a few years. The property never got any showings. We are in our 70’s and couldn’t keep up with the tenants and repairs. Our family built this building and had owned it for more than 40 years. CEH did NOT disrupt our tenants. They made an offer and stuck with it. We got what we wanted, were treated respectfully, and the closing went smoothly. We highly recommend working with them.”

Linda & Jack C.

“Liquidated my vacant inherited houses.”

“When my dad passed away he left us with 2 houses. One was trashed by a renter and the other was boarded up by county. We tried selling them by the owner, with a Realtor and even called the “ugly houses” guys. The Realtor tried for 6 months to sell them. The “ugly houses” guys didn’t want them. You guys worked with us and closed on our time frame. Our family appreciates all that you did!”


Tonya S. (Executor of her father's estate)