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When it comes to state-of-the-art sporting venues Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis is among the best in the world. But it does not offer sports teams and others interested in that wonderful roof an opportunity to enjoy a simple b=vneue, it also has an ace up its sleeve. That is a magnificent view of the Indianapolis skyline.

This is among the more modern stadiums in the United States. It was unveiled to the public on August 16th, 2008 – and is now the home base for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts.

But there is more to this magnificent stadium, for instance, it can seat up to 63,00 guests (and that is just for the football it can accommodate 70,00 for other events). With 150 suites it has become a favorite among corporate sponsors who value that electrifying atmosphere that the stadium can supply. The 14 escalators take the wear and tear out of navigating between levels – and the 11 passenger elevators provide welcome access to private suites and other attractions in the stadium.

But there is one aspect of visiting a stadium that very few attendees will take into account before attending the sports game or cultural attraction of their choice – and that is the availability of restrooms. If there is one thing that will lead to dissatisfaction it is the lack of (semi) private places where the remainder of those beers and convenience food can be jettisoned. Fortunately, Lucas Oil Stadium has 1,400 toilet fixtures. This may not factor into the average sport or concert fan’s decision to attend a long waited event – but it should.

For individual sports fans – or companies with deep pockets the availability of 139 suites at Lucas Oil Stadium is going to be a huge drawcard. add to that the fact that there are also eight ‘Field Suites’ which are about 10’ from the field you have an offering to both those individuals and organizations that want to get up close and personal when the action on the field gets hot and heavy.

But it’s not only sports that keep this magnificent stadium ticking over. The stadium also boasts 135,000 square feet of exhibition space when the seats are retracted. Combine that with another space that is both nearby the property and has 43,000 square feet of exhibit hall footprint and it is no wonder that companies in Indiana and further abroad are attracted to the Lucas Oil Stadium.

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