Overcoming 5 Common Challenges When Selling Your Home: What You Need to Know

Life happens, and you might want to sell your house for whatever reason. At Christopher Ellyn Homes, we buy houses Indianapolis owners would like to sell quickly. We make reasonable cash offers and seal deals in two weeks or less. Our compassionate team also knows that some homeowners have a few common concerns when selling their homes. With that in mind, here’s our guide to overcoming them.

House Preparation

“Oh my…” You can’t help muttering as you look around your home, wondering what to do before listing it or at least where to start. Sure, you know it desperately needs a fresh coat of paint, but the list seems to grow as you assess your home. .  

Relax! You don’t have to make extensive repairs when you sell your house in Indianapolis to a firm like Christopher Ellyn Homes. We don’t make judgments based on cosmetic appearances. As long as it’s up to local code standards, we’re happy to make an offer.

We’re all proud of our houses. However, to get a great offer, you might have to do a few repairs or make some updates. But that’s just the beginning.

You must also stage the home, determine an attractive and accurate listing price, and secure a real estate agent (more on this below). It’s a lot of work. You also need to keep it looking spic and span for as long as it’s on the market? This might mean tucking away personal items, such as family photos and heirloom furniture.

If you follow the traditional sales process, this would be your lot in life, for lack of a better phrase. But it doesn’t have to be. You can offload the burden of selling your house by contacting Christopher Ellyn Homes. We’ll handle the entire process, meaning less hassle preparing or worrying about the sale.

Scam Artists

Financial difficulty can make anyone desperate, and in your haste to sell your home, you may fall into a trap set by scam artists. Unfortunately, that’s the reality – some people will try to exploit a seller’s desperation. Some of the tactics they use include:

  • Pressuring you into signing a contract without consulting with a lawyer.
  • Overpaying for a home and later trying to reclaim part of the money back – money laundering.
  • Making an unrealistically high offer, only to demand a price drop when you’re about to close.
  • Providing unsolicited offers with the hope of hooking you – or worse, stealing your personal information.
  • Including a lock-out clause in the sale agreement that bars you from considering offers from other buyers.

Well then, how can you avoid such warning signs? For starters, research to determine whether the prospective buyer is reputable or backed by credible references. Also, check their website, including social media accounts to understand their reputation.

While at it, establish their track record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or by reading customer reviews. You may also demand to know how long the house-buying business has been in operation.

It’s not wrong to reject an offer. In fact, if you sense something fishy, it’s the right thing to do. Put simply, it pays to be extra vigilant and not rush into signing an agreement with someone you don’t know.

Unrealistic Expectations

Any seller out there has a long tale about the buyer who wanted to lowball them or kept pushing for unrealistic expectations. For instance, some buyers request a long list of repairs before considering a property. Others wish for the entrance to be a secret bookcase door – as though they’re reliving an old-school spy movie. Some downright reject a home built before the Second World War because it lacks a ‘brand new feel.’ Yep, we’ve heard it all.

Much as a buyer might want to influence the process, it’s up to you to set the expectations. Otherwise, the hassle of going back and forth with a buyer could take months and drain you of energy and resources. Hence, determine if you want to wait for the right buyer or go with a cash offer from a reputable buyer.

Difficult Agents

They say a real estate agent is your best friend when selling a house, but sometimes it’s not the case. Sure, they might know the local market inside out, but note that they’re in it for the money!

For instance, they generally charge a listing fee plus a 5-6% commission on the sales price. And if you sign a six-month exclusive contract, such costs can quickly add up. Plus, they may influence your decisions on listing price or staging the home to earn more commission.

Others may overprice the house, making your property linger on the market longer than necessary. In a word, only invest in an agent if it benefits your sale, not theirs.

Market Conditions

Every seller intending to sell their home quickly hopes for a hot market. However, you can’t control market conditions. Case in point, in a buyer’s market, you may have more potential buyers, but they may want to pay the least amount possible as they know they can look elsewhere if a deal falls through. Conversely, buyers are eager to close in a seller’s market – with fewer properties. Thus, you may land at a better price.

Instead of betting everything on the hope of a quick sale, focus on the fundamentals, such as pricing and staging the house to make it more attractive. Also, consider consulting with a dependable realtor to help you navigate the market accordingly.

That said, a slow market doesn’t always mean low offers. You can sell your house fast in St. Louis for a price close to its actual value if you adopt the right strategy. For instance, upon reviewing your situation, you may accept a cash offer. That way, you can close faster and conserve time and money.

Partner with Us

Selling your house quickly in Indianapolis requires more than luck. You should consider the market and other challenges that may skew the process. That said, a cash sale may offer you an avenue to close faster, irrespective of market conditions. To this end, Christopher Ellyn Homes might be your port of call if you need cash for your home. Consider checking us out at https://www.christopherellynhomes.com/we-buy-houses-indianapolis/ to learn about our buying process and how we can help smooth out your transition.

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